Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Park's Edge

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My mom and I were out last night for ladies' night and decided to have dinner at a restaurant I heard about through livingsocial.com.
Park's Edge is located in the Poncey Highland neighborhood of Atlanta ( just about 5 minutes from my house) and  hosts a variety of contemporary dishes. It was great to not only be out spending time with my mom, but also getting to know the neighborhood a little better. 


 What is ladies' night without a glass of wine??? The house 
sauvignon blanc

To start we were served a roasted garlic clove paired with bread. The roasted garlic made for one of the most unique spreads I have ever had and was simply delicious. 

For my entree I selected the seared scallops with fried green tomatoes and mushroom risotto. The scallops were notably well cooked, though the highlight of the meal was definitely the risotto. Let's just say I ate every bite!

Lastly for dessert, a chocolate molten lava cake

 As a special touch we had the opportunity to meet the owners Richard Wadlington and Chef Jorge Pacheco (pictured above). There were many complements to the host and chef. 

check out Park's Edge!

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