Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wizards and Rockets

In the spirit of march madness and also just because I love sporting events it was a great surprise when my friend Armani invited me to watch a Wizard's game. The game was last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder

Fresh cut for the ladies or for the game???

Soooo the Wizards have this tradition where the fans are supposed to stand until they score their first points....We were standing for awhile...
Highlights from the game: My $8 Bud light, Seeing Kevin Durant BEAST, Getting caught on the jumbotron and acting a fool, Armani massacring his Js (luckily he was able to save them), and the final score of Thunder 110- Wizards 89 :(

After the game we went to Red Velvet cupcakery. I had the feature of the week, a Guinness cupcake with Guinness cream frosting....

...eh, its close to St. Patrick's day and it sounded good...not so much though. I'll be sticking to the signature cakes next time

Our last stop of the night was Rocket Bar. I love this place for one reason, SKI BALL!

After whooping up on Armani in Ski Ball, my gal pal Geraldine (shameless plug: www.chicsquared.blogspot.com) joined us for some drinks and darts

The face of victory

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  1. Looks like a great day!