Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Viva La Mexico!

As is the time honored tradition, me and a group of my friends traveled to Cancun, Mexico for a break from the cold and to get little wild. These are just a few of my favorite photos.

We stayed at the Bracelo Tucancun Beach resort which had an awesome view and kept the mini fridge stocked with Modelo!!

For shopping we went downtown Cancun to one of the more popular markets, Market 28. This was one of our favorite salesmen...he kept telling us he couldn't get enough of our brown sugar

My bestie Jared always making faces

After a couple days of Hotel food we were dying for local cuisine....BEST TACOS EVER!

Cancun was an amazing time and way too much fun.

Check out the side bar for the "Try five beers" Cancun edition for a little taste of Cancun of your own

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  1. awww yams in mexico!! ruffle day looked cute and why does it look like you have a lower back tattoo in the 4th pic?? lol