Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Wonderland

It the holiday season again!! Feeling quite cheery, tonight a group of schoolmates and I made our way to Hyde Park and got swept up in the joys of Winter Wonderland! The holiday carnival hosts carft stalls, festive food and drink, and also carni rides! Every little kid's (and big kid's) dream

So excited for the snow!
(perfect time for the lavender scarf I finished a few weeks ago)

My mulled wine- to make me a little warmer and a little "cheerier"

I thought the ferris wheel looked so beautiful... but my friends and I settled on something a bit more high speed... 

Bumper Cars!!! 

After the cars it was time to eat. I had a delicious bratswurst sausage and a chimney cake...I'll spare you two awkward pictures of me eating 

The last thrill of the night was a ride in the tea cups.
 My favorite ride as a child revived as an adult

Leaving happy, full, and a bit exhausted means that it was a very worthwhile night frolicking through Winter Wonderland.

Happy Holidays!

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