Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting Schooled

The weather was amazing yesterday so I was more than happy to go out for a few drinks with a friend of mine. We started at Duffy's, a neighborhood bar that I oddly had never been to before.

Malik: friend and beer tutor for the evening

Just some happy hour Yuenglings and went out on a limb and tried the fried pickles............ pretty good

Next stop was The Saloon on Ust. A place to get something a little more exotic than miller lites. Again my first time

our ladies

I had the Eggenberg Dunkel and since Malik was schooling me on how to review beers here goes:
nice dark color, a thick frothy head, the smell was subtly sweet, the taste reminded me of a European breakfast. While way different from what I normally drink, the Dunkel was delicious! And something I could for sure drink all night.

Cheers to good Beers

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