Thursday, March 29, 2012

Africa, Oh Africa!

Hi Loves! Its Easter holidays now, and to make my 5 weeks off from school a bit more exciting than just essay writing, I kicked off my break with another "finding myself" solo trip... this time to Cape Town, South Afica. 

Going into the trip I had a lot of anxiety and excitement about what to expect from my first trip to Africa. If you take one part Nanado's, one part Apartheid, and one part television images (CNN stories, that silly season of America's Next Top model, and back in the day The Disney Channel movie "The Color of Friendship") that was pretty much my idea of South Africa in a nutshell. Boy oh boy how far off I was! I had the most amazing time touring the cape, talking to people and really getting a feel for what the city is all about. The trip was quite an emotional one as well. I found myself constantly checking my preconceived ideas, and yes, upon arrival I did cry. Not only for my arrival to a place I for so long have been told is the Motherland... but also for coming to what I now know is an important milestone in my life.

First image from the airport. Table Mountain in the distance.

Day one of my trip I just walked around Green Point where I was staying and downtown Cape Town to get my bearings. 

First beer in Cape Town!

Day Two: After meeting some people at my hostel I took a train from downtown Cape Town along the coast to some of the outlying beach. To say the scenery was was beautiful or gorgeous is such an understatement... the views were simply breath taking.

Fish Hook

Loved the beach houses at Jamestown beach.

The girls I met from my hostel were so cool, all in Cape Town looking for adventure and self discovery 

It may sound a bit cheesy, but the sunsets in Cape Town are second to none and quite an event. After a day at the beach I headed up to Signal Hill to watch the day fade over the city




a little Kudu and live music at Mama Africa on Long Street to end my day

Day three: As you all very well know I love markets, especially food markets. Saturday morning I got up early and went to the Old Biscuit Mill market for foodie delights  

Of everything I ate my favorite treat was the tuna steak burger! I could have eaten ten of these

Next stop was Kirstenbosch to walk off some of the food and chill out in the incredible gardens

Saturday night was also Cape Town Carnival which involved a parade and then a wild and crazy street party!

Carnival Crowd

At one of the bars I went to I met this really cool Cape Town native out celebrating Carnival. Such a sweet and gangsta Granny! I hope I'm still living it up when I'm her age

Stay tuned for the second part of my trip... so much more to come xx