Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let them eat cake

London has this lovely tradition of celebrating Pancake day (also known as Shrove day) in loo of Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras. Yesterday me and friend Mallory went to the "Great Spitialfields pancake flipping race" to celebrate properly.

It was a lively crowd in Shoreditch, ready for some high speed cake flipping
Here are some picture from the race...

in a relay race each team runs back and forth up the track flipping their pancakes at the white line
sometimes not so successfully

banana pancakes

when it was all said and done the grand champs were chefs... go figure haha

afterwards Mal and I headed over to The Water Poet also in Shoreditch for a pint and a pancake!! 
I had a delicious cured ham and aged cheese pancake 

Still riding the high of pancake day but getting in the mood of Fat Tuesday the next stop was the Ten Bells... notorious for being the place where Jack the Ripper picked up his victims.


Cheers to Pancake day and another marvelous afternoon in the London town

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Antics

February in London has been pretty cold and even a bit snowy these past few weeks. But things are heating up with all this LOVE in the air! Despite being that girl that never has a Valentine, I still love the holiday.  I was up to  few antics over the weekend to spread some love to London...

Friday my darling flatmate Daniela and I went for tea at the Mercure hotel and shared lots of roomie love over some delicious treats

An English lady now??

our demolished spread!! 
Between champagne and tea; cucumber sandwiches and chocolate torts I was in love with life by the time we left.... and waddling slightly  

Saturday, my flatmates and I threw a banging Valentine's day party. "We Found Love" in flat 7!!

An aphrodisiac table to help our guests in the venture of finding love...

Ambassadors of LOVE!

Showing some love to the guests

The love flowed all night and the party was such a success! 
I am still waiting to see what my Valentine's Day proper may hold, maybe a nice dinner?? Hm, we'll see. 

Enjoy the day and Spread some LOVE!!!